Top Secret Resume Hack to Supercharge Your Job Search

A simple and free tool to update your resume that will get you noticed fast.

Your resume is the key to whether or not you get a call from that company you just can’t wait to join.  However, before you apply online, do you know how the latest recruiting screening software helps companies find (or screen out) the best applicants?

When you submit a resume to an employer, things happen that you may not be aware of – until now!

Before this free to use online tool (, there was no way to know how your resume was going to score in an employer Applicant Tracking System. Now, using this system, you can test how likely you are to have a recruiter find and call you.  Before you click on the “apply now” button, learn about the new technology that is changing the way people land the perfect job.

Got a question about this or something else about your career?  Send me your questions and comments using the convenient form on the website.  

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